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Numbe 3Design

Estudio de diseño 3D
Arquitectura · Industria

Vosotros lo soñáis, nosotros lo creamos.

Numbe 3Design es un estudio de diseño 3D enfocado al sector arquitectónico e industrial.

Combinamos la atención personalizada con la vanguardia tecnológica, algo que nos permite reflejar una fiel imagen de los lugares o productos soñados por nuestros clientes. 
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Servicos 3D ancla

Servicios 3D

En este espacio podrás encontrar todas las soluciones que ofrecemos bajo las premisas de atención personalizada y vanguardia tecnológica.

Nuestros diseños se realizan con los últimos softwares del mercado, el programa 3D Studio Max 2023 y el motor Vray Render, además, todas las imágenes se retocan con photoshop logrando un diseño perfecto y convirtiéndolos en una excelente herramienta de venta.


Nuestro equipo posee una gran experiencia en proyectos internacionales y se adapta a todos los proyectos de mayor o menos envergadura.


3D plans

Forget the plans in black and white and with four marked lines. We redesign the way of imagining, visualizing and ordering spaces. 

A new way of presenting architectural plans that will leave no room for imagination.

4K renders

We create hyper-realistic images that recreate the place dreamed by our clients. 

The renders can be interior, exterior or of a set of buildings.

We work with the best design software and we adapt to all budgets.

3D Walkthrough Animation

3D animations are videos that highlight all the details of a real estate development or an industrial product.

These animations manage to take 3D design to the next level and are very useful for promoting a new property development in a modern and impactful way.

Virtual tour 360º  & Interactive VR

Virtual tours are an achievement of 360º images that allow us to walk through a space.

Projects can be viewed from a mobile or PC or through virtual reality glasses.

If you want to go to the next level, we can offer you theinteractive virtual reality, where from a PC or through VR glasses they can change the materials, the furniture or choose between different distributions.

Below we attach two examples of projects carried out.



Mujer con auriculares VR

Interior design & Industrial product

We offer solutions for interior designers and furniture specialists. From pre-modeling to complex animations. 

We also offer solutions in the industrial sector, creating the 3D design of patents and complex industrial operations.

Branding, marketing & Websites

Within the Numbe Group business group, we have a communication and digital marketing agency.

From the department we support the needs of our clients in a digital environment.

Image by Faizur Rehman
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