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Vr Showroom

We propose the creation of a physical space located in real estate that allows potential clients to visit a property through virtual reality. 

Previously, we will have designed the property in 3D or we will have made a 360º tour of already built properties. 

Applying this technology implies innumerable advantages that you can find out in detail in our corporate dossier on the VR Showroom by Numbe

All about the VR Showroom

A Vr Showroom by Numbe is a space of contained dimensions and 100% personalized, located in its own facilities. Through the VR Showroom they will be able to show their real estate assets to potential clients, either by carrying out a previous 360º tour or a previous 3D design project on a new housing development.


That your real estate agency has a VR Showroom does not only mean being at the forefront of innovation and digital transformation, opting for this option implies a commitment to innumerable advantages that we will learn about below.

If you think that the Numbe Vr Showroom is what you need to boost your real estate, we inform you about thesteps to follow:


  • We will build a custom VR Showroom for your facilities, adapting to the available space.

  • At the same time, we will create your own personalized website and carry out the relevant 3D tours or designs.

  • We will install all the equipment (computers, VR glasses, television, supports, adapters (etc...)

  • We will give you a little training for the daily and uninterrupted use of your VR Showroom.

  • We will carry out a monthly maintenance, publishing the properties and ensuring the correct operation.

What will the Showroom be like?

The VR Showroom is a made-to-measure piece of furniture that incorporates everything necessary to carry out the experience in an optimal way but without renouncing the minimalist, quality and modern design.

You can choose several customization options from the primary design. With this, we look for the VR Showroom to be integrated into the decoration of your office, and being able to customize it with the corporate colors and the differential and personal touches that you want to give it.

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